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Les Points, votre programme fidélité par Playin !

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Points are Playin's reward program !

How does it work ? 

Each euro spent on or in a Playin shop gives you 1 Point. 

You can then go to your Rewards page to trade your Points for store credit :

  • 150 Pts : 5€
  • 250 Pts : 10€
  • 1 000 Pts : 50€
  • 1 800 : 100€


 Your Points become usable after a certain period of time : 

  • For an in-shop purchase : Points are immediately available. 
  • For signing up at an event : Points are available 1 to 3 days after the event.
  • For Click & Collect orders : Points are available immediately after you have picked up your order.
  • For shipped orders : Points are available 16 days after shipment. 

Points remain valid for 2 years. 

You can see an overview of your Points on your Rewards page.


  • Shipping and payment charges do not give Points
  • Some products don't give Points (e.g. books). When this is the case, the information is displayed on the product's web page.
  • Products that are on sale or discounted give 50% less Points.
  • Orders with a promotional codes that give a discount (clubs, influencers, etc.) do not give Points.


If you cancel an order, the Points earned from that order will be erased from your account. 
If you have already used your Points for store credit, we will not accept your refund request.

Please contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions. 


Thanks for reading all of this! As a reward you get 10 Points with the special code TOUTLU