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Modern Horizons - FAQ

Last update :2022/08/10

Prerelease - June 8th-9th

Officiel launch - June 14th 


The War of the Spark frenzy isn't over yet, but it's already time for a new Magic set! 

What is this all about ? What impact will it have on Magic's formats ? All the answers you are looking for are right here.

What is Modern Horizons?

Modern Horizons is a new Magic set that celebrates Modern's diversity. The set's cards will not be legal for Standard play, but will directly enter the Modern format! 

There will be 254 cards in the set, 249 of which are brand new to the Modern format. The 5 cards that can already played in Standard are the snow-covered basic lands, which are reprinted in a gorgeous full art version : 



The Modern Horizons cards will be reprints of cards that were printed before the 8th Edition (which is the limit for Modern), but also brand new cards


                                                              Can the Matron put goblins back on the map?             A nice hommage to Baleful Strix!

How does it work? 

Unlike the Modern Masters set, the Modern Horizons booster box will contain 36 boosters.


In addition to offering a flurry of new cards for Modern, this set was designed to be played in Magic's limited format : Draft and Sealed.

A booster box will allow you to draft with 7 friends and still have 12 boosters to open ! 



The Buy a Box promo card 

Modern Horizons is also getting a buy a box promo card. This one is a reprint, and a very exciting one to say the least :

This card will not be found in Modern Horizons booster packs. The only way to get it is to pick up a booster box at a shop.

This policy from Wizards of the Coast forbids us from shipping the cards. We are currently discussing the situation with them to find alternatives for future sets.

As for previous sets, our stocks will be very limited. We will only have 60 cards to give away.

To stay as fair as possible, the first clients to pick up a booster box on June 14th will get the card.

However, as part of Wizards of the Coast's prerelease program, a limited quantity of boxes and buy a box cards will be available for purchase during the prerelease weekend (june 8th and 9th).


It's time to wrap things up ! We have the privilege to reveal an exclusive card...Regrowth !

An all-time classic makes it into Modern! 


You can already preorder your Modern Horizons products at Playin.

Or register for our prerelease events (boosters in English are available).


If you have any question about Modern Horizons, you can send us an email at [email protected] or come visit us in our Paris and Annecy shops.

Thank you for reading and see you soon at Magic Bazar!