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All our single Lorcana cards went with us to Lille for the weekend for the Lorcana tournament. They'll be back on May 28th!

Buylist – Terms and FAQ

Last update :2024/01/26

Restrictive conditions :

On the buylist interface, you can only add 12 copies of the same card and there is not limit for sealed products.
However, be aware that we can decline and send back products if the quantity is too large. The same goes for cards in excess of 4 copies in very few cases when it is not relevant for us.
In the event of a gap between the price on our buylist and the price on the market, mostly when a card is being reprinted or by mistake, we reserve ourselves the right to cancel a buylist submission.

Why do you buy from private individuals?

As the French leader in the sale of gaming cards, having the widest availability is our main concern. We have a buylist team dedicated to updating prices and buying on a daily basis a large amount of cards and sealed products. Enjoy our buylist!

What should be the size of my buylist sumbmission?

You should rather have three buylist submissions containing 200 different cards/products than a single one containing 600 cards. This will make data entry easier for you. Your multiple buylist submissions will then be processed faster if devided.

Why is there a minimum amount?

Each buylist submission takes a minimum amount of time to process. We put a minimum amount of 10€ to process all buylist submissions in a timely manner. 

I am under 18, do I have the right to sell my cards?

You completely have the right to sell your cards, you just have to enclose a signed parental consent in your shipment.

Who is responsible for loss or damage?

You are entirely responsible for the shipping as well as for the return if any. Be extra careful when preparing your package. The cards and products in your shipment must be well protected. Please don’t put your cards simply in sleeves or in binder sheets. The best is to enclose them in a folded sheet of paper.

How much time do I have to send my cards/products and how long does it take to process a buylist submission?

Your cards must reach us within 7 days. You can either send them by mail or directly come to the shop. After 7 days, your buylist submission will automatically be cancelled. Prices evolve constantly, we can’t keep our buylist offers for a long time.

The processing time for your buylist submission depends on your shipment. If your buylist submission matches exactly the cards we received, we will process your buylist submission and send your payment in less than 48h. However, if we have to make some changes, we will also have to ask you to approve a new sales certificate. The processing time will then be a few days longer.
Consequently, allow about 5 days to receive your payment if your buylist submission matches exactly the cards we receive and about 10 days if your buylist submission has to be modified.

Does the buylist change over time?

The buylist changes every day. A team of several buyers constantly identifies our different needs and changes the prices in accordance. The Hot Buylist gathers all the cards we are currently buying at a more important price than usual because of a high demand on our side. Enjoy the Hot Buylist, these offers generally last only a few days.

I can’t correctly identify my cards, what can I do?

This happens to a lot of players, don’t worry. We have an article entirely dedicated to identifying the editions of your cards :

Magic: The Gathering edition guide

What condition must my cards be in?

We buy cards in 3 different conditions: Nmint/mint, Excellent or Played. Some cards of high value can also be graded in intermediate conditions: Nmint-, Fine and Poor.
Please don’t forget to indicate the condition of your cards in your buylist submission. We have also created a guide to help you identifying the condition of a card :

Magic: The Gathering condition guide

Why do you offer different buylist prices depending on the edition and the language of a card?

Playin is the only French website allowing you to order cards in a specific language and edition. It is the same when we buy cards. Therefore, if demand is higher for French cards, we will buy a French card in higher numbers and at a higher price. The same goes for the opposite case.

Do you buy booster packs, accessories, sealed products or complete sets?

We buy anything ever made for Magic: the Gathering, as long as the condition of the product and the price suit us.
From now on, you can sell sealed products directly on the buylist interface.
If you think you have any interesting things to sell that do not appear on this page, please send an email at:

For any other question not mentioned in this FAQ, please contact us!