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Lorcana Boosters packs & decks - Disney Lorcana

Lorcana Boosters packs & decks

In Lorcana, the Disney universe collides with the trading card game world ! You plays as an illumineer who can summon Disney character with magical inks.

Disney Lorcana: Boosters, Decks, and Accessorie

Discover all our products for the Disney Lorcana collectible card game!

Published by Ravensburger, Lorcana immerses you in the all the famous Disney universes. You play as an Illumineer who uses the power of Inks to summon characters and play actions. As card game fans, the Playin team will be at the forefront to provide you with as much Lorcana information and products as possible!

Which Lorcana product should I choose?

To learn how to play Lorcana, get yourself a starter deck. Each deck contains 60 cards with two different types of Ink, as well as everything you need to learn the game rules and play your first games.

To expand your Lorcana card collection, open boosters! A booster contains common, uncommon, but also rare cards. With a bit of luck, you might even get a very rare, or even legendary card. Each booster also contains a shiny card (also called "foil") of any rarity. Boosters are available individually, but also as displays (boxes of 24 boosters).

Special products like the Illuminators' Trove and Gift Boxes also exist for collectors. These products vary in terms of available languages and stocks.

How should I protect my Lorcana cards?

One of the strong points of Lorcana is its rich visual universe. The card arts are magnificient, it would be a shame to damage them! Store your collection in an official Portfolio. These A5 format binders are specifically designed for Lorcana cards. You can also use them to store your Magic and Pokémon cards, which have the same size.

To protect your cards when you play, our collection of official licensed playmats and sleeves will provide you with all the comfort you need. The sleeves are card protectors that help avoid wear marks and scratches.

All accessories designed for Magic and Pokémon cards are also compatible with Lorcana cards, feel free to check out our complete accessory catalog.